Urinary test strips

home test urin proceduree.jpg A variety of test strips for urinalysis are available. Some have a specific purpose, e.g. Clinistix ® (glucose), Hemastix ® (blood), and Albustix ® (albumin). Others cast a wider net, with various combinations of the following: Specifi c gravity, pH, Leucocytes, Nitrites, Glucose, Urobilinogen, Bilirubin, Ketones, Albumin or protein, Blood.


  • Glycosuria results when tubular reabsorptive capacity for glucose is exceeded (plasma level >10mmol/L). A valuable screening tool, but less useful for diagnosis and monitoring of DM.
  • Renal glycosuria occurs when proximal tubular injury leads to a failure to reabsorb filtered glucose .


  • Convenient, highly specific, but less sensitive. Contain pH-sensitive indicators that change color when bound to negatively charged proteins.
  • Predominantly detect albumin and may not identify large amounts of other proteins
  • Dipsticks have completely superseded sulphosalicylic acid turbidity testing.
  • A +ve result occurs with protein excretion> 300mg/L.
  • Lower amounts of proteinuria, particularly in the context of diabetes 30 – 300mg/day
    Result;Estimated quantity;
    Trace 0.15–0.3g/L
    +++ 2.5–5g/L
    ++++ >10g/L
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