Kidney Disease Clinic Signs and symptoms managment

The goal of kidney disease clinic is:

to help you be as healthy as possible, to help you to early discover kidney disease, delay the worsening of kidney disease and help you to manage your new life with kidney failure.

it offer information about the diet, with easily recognize which food with highest contents of specific nutrient

brief info about common used iv drugs

drugs dosages adjustment in renal failure...

It endless list of common queries about the kidney.

what is functions of kidneys, where they are located, are they vital organs, can be replaced, can we check it, what diseases they could have, is there signs for sick kidneys, what to do if they not working properly

how to check kidney function

Kidney functions or what called Glomerular filtration rate can be estimated by examining serum creatinine and using formula, if it less than 60 that mean chronic kidney disease is diagnosed
Glomerular filtration rate calculation

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How Much Kidneys Are Working
Kidney Transplant
Kidney Transplant
Corona Viruse
Corona Viruse
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Diseases Can Be Cured By Food
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Most 20 Food contains elements
Know More About Managment
Know More About Managment
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Food Their Benefit And Hazards
Cereals and cereal products
Foods And Their Contents Of Electrolytes, Vitamins
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Drugs uses and doses in renal failure
How To Aminster IV Medication
How To Give IV Medication In Medical Feilds
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Teach Your Self First Aid
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Dialysis In Pracical View
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