learning first aid we may sustain lives

What The Differences Betwwen Adult Child and Infant CPR
Who To Differentiate Types Of Chest Pain
  • BLS Assessment
  • Primary Assessement
  • Secondery Assessment
  • Return Of Spontaneos Circulation (ROSC)

    BLS Assessment

  • Assess the enviroment safty, do not start CPR in sorounding dangers
  • Baseic concenept is start CPR and give defibrillation early withot delay
  • Begin CPR even if you are not sure about presence of Pulse
  • unneeded compression is less harmful than postponed compressions
  • delaying CPR reduces the chance of survival and good neurologic outcome


  • Check responiveness
  • Tap and shout "Are uou OK"
  • Shout for help
  • Activate the emergency system
  • Get the AED of available
  • While assessing consciousness evaluate the patient’s Pulse and airway.
  • If the patient is face-down, you must roll the patient onto his or her back, taking care not to create or worsen an injury.
  • If the victim unresponsive, start CPR immediatly