Special instruction for stage one

  • Minimize the risk factors
    1. Age: you can not do any thing, best whishes for long healthy life
    2. Obesity: You should avoid obesity
      Your Body Mass Index is 0

      You are under weight, it is better to gain 0 kg

    3. Avoid using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
    4. Avoid Salt, most important, it will rise your blood pressure
    5. Avoid dinking Sodas, it will lead to kidney exhaustion
    6. Avoid eating processed foods for their high content of sodium and phosphorus.
    7. Drink Enough Water
    8. Sleep well at night
    9. Eat healthy diet, avoid excessive proteins or sugar
    10. Have physical daily activities

  • Control your blood pressure
  • Target systolic blood pressure <130

    Target diasystolic blood pressure <90

  • Control blood suger
  • Fasting blood suger should be 70 to 100 mg per dl

    Glycated hemoglobin should be below 5.7

  • Proper treatment of heart diseases
  • The kidneys demand about 20% of cardiuc output.