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Why to check kidney function

kidney functions
The kidneys excrete the waste products, maintain chemicals, such as potassium and sodium, and water in balance, and remove toxic materials
When the waste products accumulate it cause several undesirable complains aggraded by elevated minerals and acidosis of the blood due to retention of hydrogen ions

common causes of kidney failure

The most common causes of kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure as long term complications
Kidney disease when it start, it will not stop, it is a progressive over time.
Mostly end stage kidney disease patients discovered at late stage where they need renal replacement therapy, due to absence of the signs and symptoms which appear when more the 90% of the kidneys functions are lost

This focus on the importance of early detection of renal diseases to manage and to slow down the progression through an early diagnosis.

Detecting of kidney function

Detecting of kidney function can be done by measuring blood creatinine and by presence of protein in the urine.

Clinical presentation of chronic kidney disease is generally asymptomatic.
Up to 90% of kidney function may be lost before symptoms are present
People with chronic kidney disease may not notice any symptoms until they reach last stage of chronic kidney disease.

how it can be checked
It is very simple, go to any medical lab and test serum creatinine and urin analysis
urine analysis be done by your self by using urinary test strips or you can do it in any lab. Most kidney diseases can be dicovered by examining urine For more details about urine examination

Check Your Kidney Function