Brand Name & Strength

Ilomedin 0.5 ml (contains 67 mcg Iloprost Trometamol equivalent to 50 mcg Iloprost)


Not required

Further Dilution

For infusion pump use
  • Dilute 50 mcg (0.5 ml) with 250 ml diluent to a final concentration of 0.2 mcg/ml For syringe driver use
  • Dilute 50 mcg (0.5 ml) with 25 ml diluent to a final concentration of 2 mcg/ml


    NS, D5

    Administration & Infusion rate

    IV infusion

  • Administer over 6 hr via a peripheral vein or a central venous catheter.
  • Treatment can be started at an infusion rate to deliver 0.5 ng/kg/min for 30 min. The dose can then be increased at intervals of about 30 min in steps of 0.5 ng/kg/min up to 2 ng/kg/min. (Refer to product leaflet for the table that consists of infusion rate corresponding to weight.)

    Storage & Stability


    (<25 oC)


    (2 – 8 oC)

    After Reconstitution


    After dilution



  • Ilomedin must be administered

    After dilution

  • The infusion solution should be made up freshly each day to ensure sterility.