the benefits of eating CHOCOLATE

Importance of well balance diet:

All food contains all of the nutrients we need to be healthy, it is necessary to eat various foods in sufficient amounts. A good diet will include many different foods, and sufficient in quantity and quality to meet an individual’s need for food energy and other micro nutrients.

By eating CHOCOLATE you will have the following benefits.


Typical serving size:

Varies; in general, 1 oz (28 g)


High in sugar and fat Migraines


High blood pressure Heart disease Mood disorders CHOCOLATE FACTS
  • The returning crew of Columbus’s fourth voyage in 1502 brought the first cocoa beans from the New World to Europe
  • The chocolate bar, first marketed around 1910, captured the public’s imagination when it was issued to the U
    armed forces as a “fighting food” during World War II
    Chocolate is made from beans found in the pods of the cocoa tree, an evergreen that originated in the river valleys of South America
    Native Central and South Americans valued cocoa so highly that they used cocoa beans as currency
    Cocoa powder is low in calories and fat, but most chocolates contain refined sugar and milk
    Cocoa does contain antioxidants but they can be destroyed in processing
    Choosing dark chocolate is best—look for bars with at least 60% cocoa
    Although chocolate’s aphrodisiac qualities have been debunked, it is an endless temptation and a culinary source of pleasure in its myriad forms

    Health Benefits

    Helps lower high blood pressure
    Researchers at the University Hospital of Cologne, Germany, gave 44 people with borderline or mild hypertension 30 calories a day of dark or white chocolate
    After about 4 months, the number of dark chocolate eaters diagnosed with hypertension dropped from 86% to 68%
    Researchers attribute this to the antioxidant effects of dark chocolate
    May help lift mood
    Dark chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that bring on feelings of pleasure
    It also boosts levels of the brain chemical serotonin, which acts as an antidepressant

    Health Risks

    High sugar and fat
    Many commercial chocolates contain milk fat that is highly saturated and high amounts of sugar
    It’s better to opt for dark over milk chocolate
    Chocolate is rich in PEA, which can trigger headaches in some people
    Canker sores
    Chocolate can cause or exacerbate canker sores


  • Stir a spoonful of cocoa powder into a pot of chili
  • Sprinkle cocoa nibs on frozen yogurt
  • Shave dark chocolate curls over orange wedges

    Buying Tip

  • For the most nutritional benefit, choose dark over milk or white chocolate
  • If you can see the chocolate before purchasing, look for a smooth, shiny surface
  • Avoid chocolate that has whitish or gray coating, or blooming, which may indicate faulty production, warm storage conditions, or age

    Storing Tips

  • Keep chocolate tightly sealed in a cool, dry place for up to 2 weeks
  • Do not place chocolate in the refrigerator; this causes blooming, or separation of cocoa butter from the chocolate

    Old School

    Chocolate is a good source of caffeine

    New Wisdom

    Commercial chocolate products contain no more than about 0
    1% caffeine, less than a cup of decaffeinated coffee