What food is good for MOTION SICKNESS




  • Ginger
  • Saltines or other dry crackers
  • Ginger ale
  • Water


  • Alcohol
  • Fried and other fatty foods
  • Salty foods
  • Dairy products
  • Caffeinated drinks


  • Those with inner-ear problems
  • Those sensitive to movement
    For unknown reasons, certain people are especially sensitive to movement
    Motion sickness is a fairly common condition that makes people feel sick to their stomachs when they’re in moving cars, boats, trains, and airplanes

    Nutrition Connection

    Common sense plays a big role when it comes to eating to ease motion sickness
    You don’t want to eat a heavy meal before you travel, for example
    Here are some other guidelines to follow: Add ginger to proteins
    The root ginger, an essential spice for many Asian cuisines, has a scientifically proven track record for helping calm nausea and vomiting
    Add about 1 Tbsp or so of chopped ginger per serving to simple fish, eggs, chicken, or turkey dishes as your pretravel meal
    Bring cold ginger ale or iced ginger tea with you to sip as you travel
    Skip the chips—and milk
    Eating salty foods and dairy products can worsen motion sickness, as can heavy, fatty meals
    Munch on dry crackers
    These are easy on your queasy tummy
    Stay well hydrated
    To maintain adequate fluid levels, drink at least eight glasses of water, ginger ale, or iced tea for 24 hours before you travel
    Avoid alcohol and caffeine, which are dehydrating

    Beyond the Diet

    Some proven techniques for avoiding motion sickness include: Sit in the front
    If you experience motion sickness on a car trip, try to ride in the front seat, or drive
    Skip the reading
    Reading or using electronic gadgets while in a car or other moving vehicle makes many people experience motion sickness
    Get plenty of air
    Keep air vents positioned toward your face or keep a window open, if possible
    Face the front
    Choose a seat that faces the front on a train, and choose a seat as close to the front as possible on a boat or airplane
    Request a window seat when you’re flying
    Stay in the middle
    When you’re aboard a ship, stay in the center of the boat and focus on the horizon
    Avoid going below decks when you’re feeling queasy


    Take ginger capsules Take 250 mg of powdered gingerroot three times a day as needed for nausea symptoms