benefit of eating Savouries KDC

Savouries Group

this group have carbohydrates, protein, fats, micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) .

Cheese and onion rolls, pastry, retail , Couscous, plain, cooked , Couscous, plain, raw , Dumplings, homemade , Pakoras, homemade , Pancakes (served with crispy duck), pancakes only, takeaway , Pancakes, savoury, made with semi-skimmed milk, homemade , Pancakes, savoury, made with skimmed milk, homemade , Pancakes, savoury, wholemeal, made with whole milk, homemade , Polenta, hydrated, raw , Prawn crackers, takeaway , Risotto, plain, homemade , Stuffing mix, dried , Stuffing mix, dried, assorted flavours, made up , Stuffing, sage and onion, homemade ,