Each enteric-coated tablet contains: Bisacodyl 5 mg.
Also SUPPOSITORIES; each suppository contains: Bisacodyl 5 mg (Paediatric) or Bisacodyl 10 mg.


Laxocodyl is used for:

  • treatment of constipation;
  • evacuation of the colon prior to diagnos­tic procedures (e.g. radiological examina­tion of the bdomen or endoscopy) or elective bowel surgery;
  • conditions that require defaecation to be facilitated e.g. geriatric patients with dimin­ished colonic motor response;
  • pre- and post-operative care, to maintain soft faeces in patients with haemorrhoids and other anorectal disorders.

Dosage and Administration

Laxocodyl tablets should be swallowed whole; without chewing orcrushing, with a full glass of water or other fluid; not to be taken with milk or antacids (See Drug Interactions).
Adults and children above 10 years: Usually 1 – 2 tablets taken at bedtime in order to produce the desired effect the next morning. If needed, the dose can be increased to 3 – 4 tablets.
Children 6 – 10 years: A single daily dose of one tablet at bedtime is usually recom­mended.
Laxocodyl suppositories may be used to obtain a faster effect, after approximately V2 -1 hour.
Adults and children above 10 years: One10mg suppository in the morning.
Children 6-10 years: One 5 mg (paedi­atric) suppository in the morning.
Laxocodyl can be employed to completely evacuate the intestine prior to diagnostic procedures and surgery. In such cases, tablets should be given concomitantly with suppositories.
Adults: 2 tablets at bedtime for 2 days before examination and, if necessary, one 10 mg suppository to be inserted the fol­lowing morning one hour before examina­tion.
Children 6 years and over: 1 tablet at bed­time for 2 days before examination and, if necessary, one 5mg (paediatric) supposi­tory to be inserted the following morning one hour before examination.


t: 20, 1000
su: 10.