the benefits of eating CHERRIES

Importance of well balance diet:

All food contains all of the nutrients we need to be healthy, it is necessary to eat various foods in sufficient amounts. A good diet will include many different foods, and sufficient in quantity and quality to meet an individual’s need for food energy and other micro nutrients.

By eating CHERRIES you will have the following benefits.


Typical serving size:

½ cup, fresh (2
5 oz or 70 g), or ¼ cup, dried (1
2 oz or 35 g)




Inflammation Cancer Cholesterol Gout Arthritis CHERRY FACTS
  • The most popular sweet cherries in North America are Bing and other dark-colored varieties, and Lamberts, which are a bright crimson
    Queen Annes are yellow with tinges of red, large, and very sweet
  • Commercial maraschino cherries are made by bleaching the fruit (usually the yellow Queen Anne variety) in a sulfur dioxide brine, then toughening it with lime or calcium salt
    The cherries are then dyed bright red, sweetened, flavored, and packed in jars
    A member of the plant family that includes plums, apricots, peaches, and nectarines, cherries are generally lower in vitamins and minerals than their larger cousins
    Still, recent research suggests that the small fruit can impart important

    Health Benefits

    Both sweet and sour cherries are a source of beta- carotene, vitamin C, and potassium, but sour cherries are much higher in beta-carotene
    The flavor and low calorie content of the cherry varieties make them an ideal snack or dessert during the short time they are in season
    Sour cherries, which are more nutritious than the sweet types, are used mostly for making jams and other preserves, or they are baked into pies and other pastries

    Health Benefits

    Fights inflammation
    Both sweet and sour cherries are rich in beta-carotene, a heart-healthy compound, and vitamin C, an antioxidant that fights free radical activity
    One study showed that adults who ate 1 ½ cups of tart cherries had increased levels of antioxidants in their bodies, specifically anthocyanins, which help prevent heart disease and other inflammatory conditions
    May prevent cancer
    Sour cherries are an abundant source of quercetin, a flavonoid with anticarcinogenic and antioxidant activities
    Evens blood cholesterol levels
    Cherries are a good source of pectin, a soluble fiber that helps control blood cholesterol
    Treats gout
    Alternative health practitioners often advocate sour cherries to treat gout
    Research suggests that a substance in cherries called cyanidin has anti-inflammatory properties, an attribute that might help reduce the swelling and pain of gout
    Eases arthritis pain
    Limited research also shows that sour cherries have the potential to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis

    Health Risks

    Allergic reactions
    People who are allergic to apricots and other members of the plum family may also suffer a reaction to cherries
    The most likely symptoms are hives and a tingling or itching sensation in or around the mouth


  • Add quartered sweet cherries to pancakes
  • Scatter sweet cherries over skinless chicken thighs before roasting
  • Make a sauce with cherries and pomegranate juice thickened with arrowroot

    Buying Tip

  • Look for plump, firm fruit with green stems
  • Imported cherries are not as flavorful as the local fruit that is picked and marketed at the height of its ripeness

    Storing Tips

  • Keep cherries unwashed, with the stems attached, in an open bag or container in the refrigerator
  • Cherries spoil quickly, so eat them as soon as possible