the benefits of eating CANDIES

Importance of well balance diet:

All food contains all of the nutrients we need to be healthy, it is necessary to eat various foods in sufficient amounts. A good diet will include many different foods, and sufficient in quantity and quality to meet an individual’s need for food energy and other micro nutrients.

By eating CANDIES you will have the following benefits.


Typical serving size:

Varies per candy bar or item


Weight gain Blood sugar swings Tooth decay Blood pressure in susceptible people





  • The word candy is derived from the Arabic pronunciation of khandakah, the Sanskrit word for “sugar
  • Candies were rare treats until the widespread cultivation of sugarcane and the development of large-scale refining processes in the 17th and 18th centuries
    Candies offer little nutritional value, but as an occasional part of a balanced diet, most healthy people can enjoy them
    Our preference for sweet tastes is evident at a very early age and is considered to be part of human evolution
    Edible berries and fruits contain natural sugars and sweetness as opposed to the bitter taste of many poisonous plants
    Health Benefit Is a quick fix for those who have hypoglycemia
    Five or six pieces of hard candy (less for children) are recommended for those experiencing severe drops in blood glucose

    Health Risks

    Weight gain
    All candies are packed with simple sugars—sucrose, corn syrup, fructose—that add extra calories that add up quickly


    Chew sugarless gum for dental health Sugarless gum may help stimulate saliva flow and flush food particles out of the mouth
    It may contain artificial sweeteners or “sugar alcohols,” such as xylitol
    Blood sugar imbalance
    Unfortunately, the rapid rise in blood sugar from eating candies can causes insulin levels to spike, which encourages the liver to convert sugar into fat
    And when your blood sugar crashes after a high, you’re likely to feel hungry and tired
    Tooth decay
    Sweets and sugary foods form an acid bath that is corrosive to tooth enamel and create an environment where destructive, caries-causing bacteria flourish
    Candies that linger in the mouth are more damaging than those quickly swallowed
    Brush your teeth regularly
    Blood pressure
    Natural licorice is known to raise blood pressure in certain people
    If you know you’re hypertensive, you may be better off avoiding licorice
    However, most “licorice” candies in North America are artificially flavored and do not originate from the licorice root, so they don’t affect on blood pressure


    Most hard candies contain artificial flavors and colorings
    Although there is no scientific evidence that the rigorously tested food dyes allowed in candy cause


    or adverse reactions, some people may be hypersensitive to these ingredients
    If you are allergic to dyes, check the labels before consuming


  • Satisfy a sweet tooth by melting 1 oz (28 g) of dark chocolate as a dip for dried fruit
  • Chewy chunks of candied ginger make a zesty replacement for jelly beans
  • Choose a single-serving candy with nuts to avoid spiking your blood sugar

    Buying Tip

  • Check expiration dates before purchasing
    Some candies can get hard or dry out
    Storing Tip
  • Store candies in a cool, dark place away from sunlight