the benefits of eating KOHLRABI

Importance of well balance diet:

All food contains all of the nutrients we need to be healthy, it is necessary to eat various foods in sufficient amounts. A good diet will include many different foods, and sufficient in quantity and quality to meet an individual’s need for food energy and other micro nutrients.

By eating KOHLRABI you will have the following benefits.


Typical serving size:

1 cup, raw (135 g)


  • Bloating and flatulence


    Cancer Heart disease Similar to both cabbages and turnips, kohlrabi comes from the same cruciferous plant family
    It is a good source of vitamin C: A 1-to 2-cup serving of raw kohlrabi provides almost 100% of the RDA for adult women
    It has about 450 mg of potassium, some fiber, and only 40 calories
    The green leaves are edible and contain iron

    Health Benefits

    Protects against certain types of cancer
    Kohlrabi is high in bioflavonoids, plant pigments that work with vitamin C and other antioxidants to prevent the cell damage that promotes cancer
    Kohlrabi is also high in indoles, chemicals that reduce the effects of estrogen, and thus may reduce the risk of breast cancer
    Isothiocyanates, another group of compounds in kohlrabi, promote the action of enzymes that may protect against colon cancer
    Supports heart health
    The vitamin C in kohlrabi may help prevent the oxidative damage that leads to cardiovascular disease and the potassium is a crucial mineral for heart function

    Health Risks

    May cause gas
    People who get gas after eating other cruciferous vegetables may have the same response to kohlrabi


  • Roast oiled peeled chunks of the bulb until browned
  • Mash cooked chunks with a dab of butter
  • Make latkes from grated kohlrabi instead of potatoes
  • Chop leaves and use them in salads

    Buying Tip

  • Look for small to medium-size kohlrabi that have a diameter of less than 3 in; the larger kohlrabis can be tough and woody
    Storing Tip
  • Remove leaf stems and store in the refrigerator in a sealed plastic bag
    It can be kept this way for several weeks