the benefits of eating CUCUMBERS

Importance of well balance diet:

All food contains all of the nutrients we need to be healthy, it is necessary to eat various foods in sufficient amounts. A good diet will include many different foods, and sufficient in quantity and quality to meet an individual’s need for food energy and other micro nutrients.

By eating CUCUMBERS you will have the following benefits.


Typical serving size:

½ cup (51 g)


  • Cucumbers originated in India
  • The largest cucumber in the world weighed in at 59 lb, or 26
    7 kg
  • On a hot sunny day, the interior flesh of cucumbers is around 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature
    Cucumbers belong to the same plant family as melons, pumpkins, and winter squash, but they are not as nutritious
    One cup of sliced cucumber provides only about 6 mg of vitamin C and smaller amounts of folate and potassium
    The skin contains some beta-carotene, but cucumbers are often peeled, especially if they’ve been sprayed with wax to retard spoilage
    In North America, cucumbers are used mostly as a salad ingredient or as pickles
    Commercially, they are used mainly to make pickles and relishes; cucumber juice and extracts are found in cosmetic products
    Health Benefit Helps you lose weight
    Because cucumbers are approximately 95% water, they are very low in calories; a cup of slices contains fewer than 15 calories
    Folk healers often recommend cucumbers as a natural diuretic, but any increased urination is probably because of their water content rather than an inherent substance


  • Stir-fry sliced English cucumber and scallions, season with rice vinegar and chile paste
  • Toss chunks of pickling cucumbers with red onion, lemon juice, and sugar
  • Create a crostini spread of chopped shrimp, cucumber, avocado, and dill

    Buying Tip

  • Look for firm cucumbers that have bright-colored skin
    Avoid ones with soft spots
  • Cucumbers are available year-round, but summertime is when they look and taste the best

    Storing Tips

  • Store cucumbers unpeeled and unwashed in a plastic bag in the refrigerator
    Once they have been peeled or cut, consume within 1 to 2 days