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  • the benefits of eating Cake, Swiss roll, homemade0 KDC

    Importance of eating Cake, Swiss roll, homemade:

    Cake, Swiss roll, homemade is a good source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber

    Cake, Swiss roll, homemade is good for containing the following items :

    Sodium mg 75, Potassium mg 109, Calcium mg 45, Phosphorus mg 103, Magnesium mg 12, Iron mg 1, Zinc mg 1, Manganese mg 0

    Cake, Swiss roll, homemade
    Element Quantity Element Quantity Element Quantity
    GroupANFood Code11-1125Sodium mg75
    Potassium mg109Calcium mg 45Magnesium mg12
    Phosphorus mg 103Iron mg1Copper mg0
    Zinc mg1Chloride mg109Manganese mg0
    Energy kcal286Protein g7Total nitrogen g1
    Carbohydrate g58Fat g 4Starch g16
    Glucose g 7Galactose gFructose g4
    Sucrose g30Maltose g2Lactose g0
    Fibre g1Satd FA/100g g1Mono FA/100g2
    Poly FA100g1Cholesterol mg151
    Retinol µg54Carotene µg0Retinol µg54
    Vitamin D µg1Vitamin E mg 1Vitamin K1 µg
    Thiamin mg 0Riboflavin mg0Niacin mg0
    Tryptophan2Niacin mg2Vitamin B6 mg0
    Vitamin B12 µg1Folate µg12Pantothenate mg1
    Biotin µg9Vitamin C mg2

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