MEBO Ointment: Herbal preparation con­taining 0.25% B-sitosterol, and sesame oil, beeswax, 18 amino acids, 4 major fatty acids, vitamins, polysaccharides.
Other forms
MEBO Scar Lotion.


MEBO Ointment is indicated for:
First degree burns, where pain relief and fast healing are remarkable (sunburns).
Second degree burns, superficial and deep. If properly applied, no skin grafting is needed and regeneration takes place from hair follicles and glands in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.
Third degree burns, to isolate the wound, reduce pain, and expedite nonsurgical debridement of necrotic tissue to prepare the wound for grafting.
Donor site, to decrease pain, control infec­tion, and expedite healing (average; 7 days).

Chronic wounds (bed ulcers, diabetic foot, leg ulcers).
Post laser resurfacing, chemical peeling, dermabrasion.
Surgical wounds including obstetrical wounds.
Wound of circumcision.
Mucous membrane wounds e.g., buccal ulcers.
Cracked heels, cracked nipples.
For detailed information regarding all MEBO preparations, see the concerned insert leaflet.


ot: 15, 30, 75 g.