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why one should make attention on obesity

Lifestyle a way from obesity is better, it can cause or complicate:

High body weight is associated with many medical disorders such as diabetes and it’s complications on long term ending by loos of vision and end stage renal failure which require dialysis 3 time per week.
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Atherosclerosis which is hardening blood vessels resulting in high blood pressure causing extra effort on the heart resulting in weakening heart muscle which manifested by dyspnea on little effort.
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fatty liver
Obesity is associated with fatty liver, may progress to liver cirrhosis .
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decreased muscular mass
Obesity usually seen in unhealthy personal due to unhealthy diet, they easily tired by little physical activity, suffer from lower limps pain because of decreased muscular mass .
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leg bone pain
With over weight, extra load on legs manifested by leg bone pain. .
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check other info
You can check other info in main page and see what causes obesity, its effects on the body, see what experts telling, how it is verified and its classifications and how it managed.. .
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obesity management is easy
In the same time, obesity management is easy and abstaining, easy it just stop over eating, eat less and perform some physical activities, and abstaining, it need welling, commitment to continue doing that for long term.
We can help you to do that
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