About Us
Hey folks! My name is Ahmed Musleh,BSc degree medical man with long term experience in haemodialysis field. I'm motivated to share my experience and my passion in both programming and medicine to the public and to my medical colleagues to draw their attention to some aspects in the kidney disease patient's management.

I created this website all by myself without any support from IT people. So excuse me if there is any deficit in the design
I will try to improve my skills in the future, you are welcome to send any comments, ideas to my email site

Our Vesion

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I believe that renal failure once it started it cannot go away,it is a life time disease as it continues to the end stage that requires renal replacement therapy. In many cases, disease progression could be avoided if there was some health education to early detection and proper management.
I believe that the end stage renal failure is not the end of life, in fact, it is the beginning of a new life.

Putting this in patient's and family's minds will improve the general health state, minimize mortality and morbidity; since mortality is very high in the first three months of the beginning of dialysis therapy.

I'm convinced that most of the new patients are still not orient to their disease, trying to seek medical advices from unauthorized people which leads to troubles and worsen their health state and psychology depression, or in worst case, it can lead to death.

I believe that there is no one right opinion and the other opinions are incorrect. Each specialized physician has a different opinion in their treatment plan; which means he is not a bad doctor. Always believe in one physician and follow with him.

Our Management

In this site we try to post whatever we can to:

  • Medical information about the kidney and its importance for sustain life

  • Figure out how the renal failure start, predisposing factors, causes, signs and symptoms

  • Highlight management throughout the renal failure stages

  • Exploring the treatment option after reaching the end stage disease

  • Cover dialysis procedure.